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Ray — You lucky Dad to have such a gorgeous and happy little girl. I had one once, but she went and grew up and now I’m a grandpa, aka Grumps. What I see there is that she’s not sure what the heck is this strange object she’s touching, but it makes Daddy real happy so she’s happy too. 😀

I shot recurves for years, starting about the time they first started appearing on the market by Bear, Pearson, etc. Nor did I ever have any good reason to switch to longbows other than I’d heard they were more of a challenge. And my first one sure was — couldn’t hit the inside of the house with it. Then I discoverd “hybrid” or reflex-deflex longbows, which seemed to have all the best qualities of both … basically a recurve with the curves spread through the limbs rather than at the tip. I kick myself every time I think about having sold my vintage Bear Blackbear, a short deeply recurved little go-getter. Variety is the spice. Anytime we see only One Way in any aspect of life, we are missing something. Enjoy. Snuffs