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David Becker
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David Petersen wrote: My experience and study with wild shrooms are largely limited to morels. I have read that they have no nutritional value in a couple of respected guide books. Perhaps I err, as so often, in generalizing. Turning your question around, I’d appreciate being pointed toward reliable edification re just what nutritional value, that is calories that will keep a body alive, which shrooms contain. In fact I lost a bit of my strong appetite for fungi after reading they are just bulk and filler. I’d like to get it back.

We may be getting hung up on “nutritional value.” The naturalist program that I’m in teaches that mushrooms aren’t valuable for meeting your short term needs in a survival/foraging situation because the nutritional inputs aren’t all that significant, particularly when weighed against the cost of possibly misidentifying one.

In the next breath, when we shift to a health and longevity standpoint, those same folks will tell you about all the benefits of incorporating properly identified mushrooms into your diet. Many of those benefits have some firm science backing them up. Some have a significant amount of “woo.”