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Doc Nock
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Tell ya what, Grumpy, get Bill to take a walking stick along on his “walk-abouts” and see if it makes any difference…?8)

I can’t count the times and places I’ve read that body posture is read by wildlife! When you’re not there to do them harm, they KNOW it. Guess if you live by your instincts 24/7/365, you’d better develop that ability.

I’ve known people who swear if you LOOK at a deer, they can FEEL it! I don’t know I believe that, but it makes you wonder.

Ever have an old head bobber doe trying to figure you out and then STARE into her eyes? I’ve seen their eyes get real wide and nearly turn inside out when the recognition sets in… but like Bill, just pokin around the woods taking pictures, I can dang near get up on em to count coup!

BTW, congrats on the non-smoking campaign! 2 months is very admirable!

Keep it up. Vicks under your nose takes care of the bad smelling patients! Claim you got allergies!:lol: