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I can’t help you on the Muck Boots, but I know that the Danner hunting boots I have had were extremely comfortable for any kind of hiking no matter the distance or time spent on my feet, and I even didn’t mind sitting in cold weather for extended periods of time. I had some problems with the cheaper (Made in China) versions, but at the end of the day, when I took them off, my feet were asking “HEY!!! Where’d the comfies go??” I now have a pair of the Super Rain Forest by Danner, and have had them for a year, and love’em for overall daily wear. They are my work/hiking/hunting/wander around town boots. I just flat like’em. The first two pair I had were insulated with 200 gram Thinsulate, the pair I have now are uninsulated, and all of them have/had the GoreTex waterproof lining. Definitely will buy another pair of Danner boots next time, too.