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I guess you can say I started bowhunting for spite….

When I was young I used to watch the ol’ Fred Bear and Howard Hill short movies at the theater. Everytime I’d come home I’d tell my dad (a staunched military master sarget) about the flick.

He always reply “if bows were so great then why in heck did the indians garb every gun they could get their hands on?”

Argueing with him wasn’t in my best interest so I’d just nod my head and slink off.

When I was old enough to hunt on my own I bought a 45# Ben Pearson recurve and some 2020 aluminium arrows. I never said a word to him about buying it and had to bribe my mom to keep her mouth shut when she found it in my closet.

Anyway, after acouple of seasons of not taking anything with the bow it finally happened.

Oh yea, I’d take a deer or two each season with the rifle, but the bow didn’t see any action until one evening when a little spike finally came in close enough that I knew he was mine.

While skinning the spike out my dad came down to the shead to check things out. When he saw the interence wound he looked alittle funny. Thats when I started laughing and told him about the bow. What could he do or say about it now?

Yea,,, I took alot of razzing about it until my next kill afew weeks later.

Since then, he has desided bows aren’t that bad and dang sure doesn’t turn down any of the meat I carry to him on my trips home.

I guess you can say the spite has gone and now do it for the love of the sport.