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Thanks Dave.

Trail Cams for me are kinda like catch and release fishing. I set ’em where my spring scouting says I should get good shots. There are a couple mineral licks I cover with a camera but they are not hunting holes. Honestly they make a great testing media. My sons as I teach them to read sign and understand the woods, they are making decisions based on that, this years cam locations were picked by my eldest. Turns out the cams verified his thoughts on where the best spots would be.

I take my cameras down in late August because if I don’t they’ll get stolen, even here on private property. I learned that lesson the hard way.

Minnesota is weird on baiting. It’s legal for bear but not deer, however if it’s a liquid that is ok, BUT, they have no problem with feeding deer. Strange lot.

I never stop tramping around my backwoods, I’m out there year round. Between Bushcraft and Camping and getting the kids out there is no downtime for me. Having the cams up just heightens the experience, seeing what sometimes is never seen.

I don’t have an opinion regarding hunting over them for other people. Life’s too short to go through it making judgments on others, figure I got enough to worry about without concerning myself with others. I’ve mellowed as I’ve aged, I used to spit fire and brimstone on such things. Years come and go as do people, in the end we have what we did and that’s probably enough for all of us to be concerned with.