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Is the damage happening on the first shot with a new feather? Again, have you bare shaft tested so see how the arrows without feathers fly? I spine checked my carbon arrows this week and found that what I suspected was true, the arrows on paper (specs from the company) matched what I was looking for but bare shafting said the spines were stiff. The spine tester results showed that my 500 spine shafts were actually showing 400 spine. What arrows are you using? Do you shoot split fingers or 3-under? Maybe your putting alot of downward pressure on the top of the arrow IF shooting split or something is causing the nock end of the arrow to smack the shelf resulting in feather damage. Perhaps move your nocking point around a bit and see if you can get better flight. Feathers are so forgiving but my theory is that there is an extreme amount of pinch pressure between the shaft, the feather and the shelf to cause the damage. So many possibilities. Some bows shoot better with a slight elevation to get the arrow just a bit off the shelf. Put a bit of something under the rug maybe and see if you get better results. Experiment and Good Luck!