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Strait-Aero wrote: Some more nice footage,Jim….congrats…I’ve gotta try the lemon and eucalyptus 😉

I spend as much time outside as work, the law, and the wife will allow, there’s been a couple years where I think the skeeters stopped biting me because I was a walking welt. No fresh surface left from which to draw blood.

Deet just never was compatible with me. I hate the stuff.

So this year I tried the Repel stuff based on a recommendation from a friend in South America. Smell isn’t unpleasant and while I still get them hanging out about a foot and a half from me they don’t stay long and they don’t light to bite.

My kids spend a lot of time outside with me, my youngest daughter refused to use Deet, but she doesn’t mind the Lemon-Eucalyptus so that’s a relief.

It was nearly $8 a bottle at Amazon but Wally world had it for $4.88 so I stocked up on it.

The active ingredient is p-Menthane-3,8-diol, here’s a link to a fact sheet on the stuff.


Hope it works for you as well.