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There’s something that ticks give you that most people do not know about.

Severe Allergy to Mammalian Meat!!!!

I contracted it when I was 21. It is caused by one of two things, either a massive dose of chigger bites or the bite of a single lone star tick.

The lone star tick and chiggers have a saliva that is very similar to a carbohydrate in mammalian meat (alpha gal).

Actually not all mammals. It is found in all mammals except humans and old world primates (our closest ancestors).

I tried and tried for years to eat different meats cooked different ways but I go into severe anaphalaxysis if I eat it.

I’ve since learned that if I can go without an allergic reaction or a tick bite for a few years that it will go away. I’m excited to get my blood tested soon as I’m going on two years.

All the deer, pigs, rabbits, etc that I’ve killed in the last few years has gone to feed my friends and family. It takes a big part away from hunting that I hope I can gain back.

If you’ve never heard of this, google alpha gal allergy. It’s becoming extremely common.