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Grew up in Northern VT/NY. Ticks and opossims were something we read about that were far, far away. Moose, turkeys, and coyoties were extinct. Bears were rare. In the ’90s I was in my old neighborhood and saw this big bunch of brown things in a pasture, couldn’t figure out what they were. They were turkeys. In the late ’90s I was hiking in the Green Mts, and came across “cow tracks” on a mountain. Couldn’t figure what cows were doing up there…then I saw the moose. Also saw the mama bear and cubs on that hike. Arwen picked up her first tick when she was 3, and now there is a opossim that regularly checks out our back porch for trash. We often hear the coyotes while sitting around the campfire in the back yard. And they are telling us that feral hogs are on the way. While I’m thinking about it, I don’t remember all these canada geese either. Now the are filling up the ponds and lakes with poop.

We constantly hear about species going extinct, but seldom hear about all of the species that are expanding their range. Extinction is nothing new, neither is a species expending its range.

Kinda nice having the Moose, Bears, Coyoties, Geese back, gives us something to hunt, but I could do without the ticks an opossims.