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I have lived in both states like every thing there are the plus and minus factors for both states. First I want to address your statement about land prices in hunting land. Unless you are extremly wealthy there is little to buy for hunting ground. It is usally such huge tracks of land its usally in the millions. Its not like Iowa where a 40 acre parcell gets you some hunting. Game is some what more spread out and public land will be what you hunt the most. As for retirement you may check out both states to see what gives you the best tax breaks to get the most out of your income. Wyoming has no state income tax and Montana has no sales tax for example. Personaly I like WY I think that there system for tags provides a more quality hunt. We have a lot of limited quota ares for all the game species. MT does to just not as many for deer elk and antelope. I usally draw one or two tags for the special units and they have been great hunts. WY also has a lot less roaded areas and a lot more wilderness areas than MT. But it is also pretty rough country compared to MT. Non Residents can not hunt wilderness areas in WY unless with a guide or a resident which can cut down on traffic. But I have had plenty good hunting in MT so dont get me wrong. If I where to live in MT I would pick Lewistown preferably next to Don Thomas. I would chose this area because it is central in the state and has a decent population but not huge. It has a hospital and shoping close by. The Missouri breaks offers some of the best elk bowhunting around with out Grizz and wolves to deal with. Its not as hard of hunting as the mountains and is limited in quota for out of staters I beleave. Lewistown is awesome because it does not have the ski resorts and trout streams like Bozeman and its pretty. Sorry Don I gave up your spot. For WY I like Cody where I am at I have to deal with Griz in the back country but its just part of the wilderness experiance. I have shot some nice game and really injoy puting in for special tags and if I dont draw there is plenty of general areas to hunt. I have 7 acres arrigated and I have my horses and life is pretty good. Its windy all winter though which chases quite a few people back to where they came from. My wife works for the game and fish but if she could get a job in Lewistown I would be Don Thomas’s next door neighbor. Now you got me wondering where I want to live. Also 12 months of residency in WY before you can get resident tags and 6 months for MT. Hope this helps Scott Teaschner