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colmike wrote: Looking for feedback on Carl Dyer’s Mocc’s particularly the 5 lace boot. I have been wearing barefoot running shoes and Steger mukluks for so many years that my feet have finally returned to their natural orientation. Have tried bean boots–3 different sizes and they still cramp or our to big. Now hunt in moderate temps. 0–+42 below +20 I wear the mukluks but need something for warmer–and these look good–although pricey but what the heck probably the last I’ll ever buy. In addition I’m not backpacking or carrying a heavy pack–well until the bison gets here:)

Any comments appreciated. After 32 years of issue combat boots my feet deserve the best:D




I have had a pair of the Canoe Mocs for several years and love them! By looking at the prices, I can tell I bought them over 15 years ago as I didn’t pay that much:) They have been great, double sole. My only complaints are; very slippery when wet:), and I wish they were the 5 or 8 eye to keep more weeds out and allow me to tuck or balloon my pants when hunting. Can’t go wrong with these. I find the more I wear them, the less I want to wear anything else as my feet feel so constricted and the soles of all else feel so thick. I mostly wear them around the house, town, running errands, back and forth to work etc, but wouldn’t hesitate to wear them early season when the ground is still dry. We now have wet ground with a thin layer of ice/snow in the shade and I find it hard to stay on my feet with any terrain. Good luck with the mocs,