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All in our own minds and that’s a fact that we should remember.

I don’t use trail cams during hunting season and I don’t bait deer in S GA (it’s legal below the midline of the state). But I will choose to rib friends of mine who decide to pour corn and to run cams to kill deer and turkeys. A lot of my friends who I “ribbed” for hunting with compounds and crossbows are now shooting recurves and longbows and are now re-exploring life.

After hunting with trad gear became “usual” to me, I probably decided to hold off on button heads, yearlings, and small bears. Pigs are just vermin so they all get killed but I don’t care what anyone decides is below their “standard” for the hunt.

I would say the ultimate hunter is someone who chooses to use the most primitive form of killing and also chooses only a small percentage of his quarry to chase. My hat is off!