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I take toilet paper, much better than flagging tape if you have to squat, and just as good for marking a blood trail. Brought home several pieces of marking tape last time in a WMA (along with a few Mylar balloons).

I have a head light, and an extra flashlight. No extra batteries, if your batteries die you won’t be able to see to change them. No reason not to have an extra with the cheap little LED flashlights.

I also have a butt cushion, as my butt didn’t come with cushioning, and doesn’t like cold and wet. I hang it from my fanny pack with one of those baby ‘beaners.

Contemplating a chair of some sort. There is never a rock or log where I want to sit. Not about to carry a rock or log with me. I have a neat little folding camp stool, but the legs are chrome, and to carry it I need a day pack.

Have made a tree hammock seat, but again, never a tree where you want it.

I got the fanny pack at the after season sale last year. Fit fine in the store, but with a little weight in it, and a little movement it slides down to my knees. Not enough fanny for the fanny pack. Not too bad if I wear it over a shoulder like a bandolier.

No cow call as there is no cow season here. But if there WAS….

And when I am marching out the door, Audrey makes dam sure I have the compass, the cell phone, and a note telling her where I’m going, & when I will be back..