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Couldn’t agree more about the absolute distrust of humanity:!::!::twisted: present readers/company excluded of course 😆

I must say that I got completely robbed by some scumbucket on Ebay about 10 years ago (put it this way…north of $2000 😈 )…I learned forgiveness (well…really, I’m broke too and got tip from another Trad forum that you could score KOM cheap on Ebay) I swallowed my reservations and went for it. I learned this much….Trad guys are trust-worthy, 😀 take good care of their equipment :D…and sell KOM (and a whole host of other stuff) on Ebay (please don’t take this as a commercial/endorsement for Ebay – I WAS NOT happy with how they handled my issue above – $$$ was/is gone) 👿

So far so good…