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colmike wrote: [quote=paleoman]I’ll just say what Mike said…live for them that can’t and be worthy of what’s been given. I’ll be thinking of my Grandmother, who, when I found out as a kid she lost 3 brothers in WWII, couldn’t talk about it and teared up all those years later. Upper right in the pic is her brother Peter I had sent to me years later. He was only 30 when the battles in France took him. I hope all like him over the ages have found eternal peace. I look at that pic everyday and hope he somehow knows he’s not been forgotten.


Neat photo–4 soldiers and a Marine–on right lower level with cigarette in his hand–any idea who that is?


I’ll be damned, I never picked out that the guy on the lower right was a Marine. Leave it to us civilians:oops: The Marine is either a guy named Red DiFrancisco or Eugene Albright. I think it’s Albright, but the pic doesn’t say “bottom right”.