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David Petersen
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Here you go, PT http://www.amazon.com/The-Year-Long-Day-Mans-Arctic/dp/0397011318 $35.04 used good condition. This book ran several editions in various languages following the original in Norwegian. Clearly it’s a collector’s item and a bargain in hardback for $35 smackers. Just hard to imagine anyone sharing our common interests wouldn’t feel it a worthwhile investment and lifetime keeper … just as I plan to keep Mike’s copy, unless and until he comes here and pries it from my cold dead hands.

Yes, the Norsky is spending a winter alone on an arctic island to trap fox to sell the skins in order to finance yet another winter there (the book is a collation of his first four winters, but he did 10 in all). But once the ice comes in and the seals are accessible, he also hunts polar bears for their valuable hides, though as noted he usually doesn’t have to go looking for them as they do their best to come inside his plywood shack with him! Damn, now I have to go read it again. First page and you’re happily hooked.