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Stephen Graf
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two4hooking wrote: …The shaving sharp vs file sharpened debate has been going around for a while. Everyone has their own definition of what is sharp enough…

I am not sure what you refer to when you say “debate”. I think it is pretty well known that a sharper instrument causes more bleeding. It has something to do with the cells being cut open vs. torn apart. The torn cells cause faster clotting and provide better sites for the clotting to occur.

Maybe what you mean by “debate” is that some folks may think that super sharp is overkill and isn’t necessary, while other folks think it is necessary.

I’ve never needed to resharpen a broadhead in the field. But my adventures are pretty close to home for the most part. That said, I have killed moose in Quebec, Elk in Idaho and Colorado, and caribou in Newfoundland. None of these adventures went off without a hitch, but I always had an extra arrow ready to go 😀

I like the grinding and polishing wheel setup. Fast, easy, and effective.

two4hooking wrote: …Put them where they need to go and they will kill effectively if they are “sharp” enough…

A field point would fit that definition… just saying, not arguing. 🙄

I will call your old timer quote, and raise you another. Fred Bear said: “We deluded ourselves by thinking that our file sharpened broadheads were sharp.”