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Have you ever actually handled an MA-2 or MA-3 head? I was surprised how well made they actually are. Yes, they are a soft steel (Rockwell 44C maybe?) but they only have to cut for 12″ or 18″ and their job is done and they can be touched up easily with a file. What has concerned me more is the seam goes right down the middle of the blade. This, however, makes them a great cantidate for a single bevel.

Don’t use them myself but would if that is what I had. I still have a hoard of RibTec heads I use for medium to small game and when they give out I may be checking out the DEL-MA heads.

Currently I like Stos. Have been toying with the idea of putting together a dozen 1950’s broadheads for use with a couple of my older bows. One of those “no hurry” projects.