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No but my wife was miss diagnosed with it about 6 months ago–long story made short–blood test said yes–3 bouts of antibiotic and still positive—then we went to a specialist. After 2 hour interview she said–well you don’t have Lyme, your blood test clearly shows that (and she did another to confirm). Seems if the doc isn’t experienced they can make a mistake.:shock:

We do a tick check every time we are out there–lots around here. It takes about 3 hours for the little buggers to attach so check every 3 hours–that signal mirror comes in handy for checking those area’s you can’t see:D They are easy to flip up and remove before they attach. Yes it’s a hassle but it’s a better alternative then not being out there or in my opinion using chemicals. Having said all that we have found 3 ticks on us in the last 10 years–3rd one was on me this afternoon after returning from stumping.

Hope this helps.