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Doc Nock
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NOt been diagnosed… but the Lyme test has had a bad rep for false NEGATIVE (saying you don’t when you do have it)

Numerous close friends of all ages have had it… Most didn’t show a bullseye and were mis-diagnosed for a good while.

Older lady had it BAD… treated, but then it “returned”.

I checked my rheumatology doc…she tells me that “return flare ups” is a misnomer —they now know (believe?)…BUT… (here’s the ugly part): The DAMAGE that the Lyme spirochete does to our bodies, the ailments it creates, can continue and recycle for a long, long time in a debilitating way. Apparently, that is a new bit of research… none of the bugs in your blood to be found, but the damage/ailments flare up over time. Prevention is your best recourse!

I’ve been a fan of Permethrin for a long time. I even got some of Happy Jack’s Kennel Dip @ Tractor Supply, it’s a water based tick repellant and I found a dilution ratio and make my own spray… I’m sure it doesn’t LAST like the stuff you buy from Repel or Culliston, but hey… I’m just treating clothes more often before I wear the duds.

I spray face mask, head net, gloves, coat, hat, socks, pants, vests—everything and then air line dry… and I’ve noticed skeeters come in, hover and then vamoose while on stand. Love that stuff!