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Hi Steve,

This is my first post in this forum. I’m hoping not to ramble too much, but knowing me the way I do, I most likely will, so I’ll apologize in advance.

I ran across this thread after joining recently and found it keenly appropriate, since, over the years, there has been a LOT of hype centering around the “high speed/ low drag” archery setups (read: more technology is better).

I have always been interested in archery, toying with it at a tender age on visitations to my dad in Oregon. Around 15 years ago, I acquired a used longbow (63# @ 28″) at a garage sale, purchased some wood arrows and points, and proceeded to fling wood downrange. At the time, I had only a rudementary understanding of spine, but no understanding whatsoever of how to properly tune a bow, and what sorts of things, like arrow length and point weight, do to arrow flight. Through regular practice, however, I as able to hit a 3d foam deer accurately out to 30 yards or so. I went Elk hunting that fall, but never got a shot at one. My previous hunting experiences started when I was 14, and I took my first and only deer, a doe, with a borrowed Remington Model 700 .308 rifle, as well as hunts with my brother in high school, and a good friend (he and his wife and I are still good friends to this day) in my early 20s, all gun hunting.

Fast forwad a couple of years and I found myself deeply entrenched in life, with work, marriage, kids, and a, now ex, wife who was not understanding at all of my interests that took me away from home. Interests like archery, hunting, and general love for, and indeed, need for, regular forays into the great and theraputic outdoors. So, to keep the peace, I gave up those interests, but never forgot them. How does one forget that which is such a part of who they are?

Now, 12 years, 3 kids, cross country move for my current job (WA to TX), and 1 divorce later, I have once again dusted off that old bow. This time, however, I’ll be doing it from a completely different, hopefully more educated, mindset.

Getting to the point of discussion, I have always believed that a heavier arrow, although slower, would penetrate better than a faster, lighter arrow. I had nothing to back up my theory except experiences gained in life and various jobs. When I came across the Ashby reports, his research seemed to confirm what I have thought since I started seriously shooting 15 years ago, at least as far as total arrow weight goes. The rest of the Good Dr.’s findings simply made sense. Having used nothing but a 2 blade, double bevel broadhead and no bow kills to my credit, other than a foam target, I am really looking forward to playing around with different arrow setups and being a student of this wonderful world of traditional archery. What’s even more exciting is that my kids (2 boys, 11 and 4, and daughter, 9), have all expressed an interest! I hope to, some day, go afield with all 3 to chase whatever we can, but more importantly, help them see the value of a different type of lifestyle, a lifestyle not so fast paced and technology-driven.

Also, Steve, I’m curious to know what you found in your research.