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If you are willing to come east, perhaps a deep woods Whitetail hunt in northern Wisconsin? Some of the National Forests such as the Chequamegon National forest covers over 850,000 acres over 6 counties. Lots of public area to hunt, with places far, far from the roads. Also, non-resident bow deer license fees are cheap at $160. The bow season is liberal, starting in mid Sept to mid Nov, then opens again last days of Nov to the first week of Jan. Hunting big islands on the lakes can be done also. Talk to foresters on areas logged a few years ago, as scrub brush returning will hold more deer. Areas adjacent to big marshes or rivers help as funnels as well. We do have some decent deer in this state. Areas by Clam Lake hold our elk populations, although we are not yet allowed to hunt them. But you can rub elbows with them.:)

Good luck with your search