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Welcome, Stadig. Lots of good advice so far. I’ll share that I have learned quite a bit just reading posts here.

You may want to check in with a couple of the local rod & gun clubs in your area. There may be a few trad archers there that can help you. Also look to see if there are any archery shops in your area. Folks there may be able to help connect you.

Not sure where you are located in Oregon, but there is at least one large traditional shoot. Eagle Cap Traditional Archers, “Rendezvous at the River”. Takes place June 11, 12, 13 (2016) at the LeGrande Rifle & Pistol Club, LeGrande, OR. Contact is Steve Campbell, 541-786-3497, email- campbes2@eou.edu, website- http://www.eagelcaptraditionalarchers/wordpress.com

A little further afield, there are two events in Washington by the Traditional Bowhunters of Washington. First is the “Sun Basin Archers Rock Shoot” on April 22, 23,24 (2016) at the TBW Club Range, Central, Wa. Contact is Mike Prior, 509-431-5552, email- ibuildbows@gmail.com, website- http://www.tbwonline.org

And second is August 6, 7 (2016), “must monitor website for location”. Contact is Mike Prior (above) and Rick Liebel, 206-824-6161.

There’s also at least one event in Idaho. Idaho Traditional Bowhunters “Fall Tune-Up” on August 6, 7 (2016) in Smith’s Ferry, Idaho. Contact is Lee Sisco, 208-377-5338, email- idtradbow@gmail.com, website- http://www.idahotraditionalbowhunters.com

Hope that helps you some.