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Bunyan Morris
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Congratulations again. What a fine accomplishment. You continue to set the bar for Etter, Lackey, myself and others. I’m hopefully right behind you this season. I’m spending the rest of it with my recurve in hand. Good times brother!


David Petersen wrote: Tail — I too am deeply impressed. Hunting just doesn’t get any more real, or difficult, or rewarding, than from the ground without a blind or dekes (though in my experience dekes often as not spook more birds then they bring within bow range). I am not putting down using dekes, which I sometimes do, or a tent blind, which I never do. But there are degrees to every accomplishment and this ranks at the top. Assuming of course you weren’t baiting. 😛 I much prefer jakes as they are actually edible without deep frying. Now go get another!

Dave, slow cook over indirect heat or smoke a whole wild turkey breast or filet on the grill. Use your favorite rub or marinade.

So many hunters throw away the legs and thighs. I find this to be a criminal waste. 😯

Two nights ago I slow-cooked two sets of legs and thighs in a crock pot. Next, I de-boned and chopped the meat in a food processor and froze the meat for use in chili or spaghetti. Low fat healthy eats indeed.:D