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Stephen Graf
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Story… What story? Must be a different guy… Damn. I’ve thought about writing something for the magazine, but I’ve never come up with anything original, or worth reading that would live up to the the standards of TBM.

Now, apparently, I have the added challenge of not even having an original name… I guess I’ll have to come up with a pseudonym now too. Let me think….. I’ve got it.. I’ll call my self Dave Petersen, nobody’s heard that name before I am sure… No Don Thomas… No Dave Thomas… No Don Petersen… Oh, damn… I guess I’ll just renew my subscription and live in anonymity 😳

BTW – I do the rasp thing on the arrow shelf too.. But the fiberglass sure beats the hell out of my tools. I’m thinking there has to be a better way… I always use junk rasps cause I can’t see ruining a good one on every bow.

I’m going out to the shop this am to lay up what promises to be my best bow yet. Her sister died after 1000 shots or so ’cause when I was tillering her I had to get drastic to get the weight down. This bow has a thinner core and should fall right into tiller/weight. It’s a glorious morning here, perfect day for a bow to be born…