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David Petersen
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Nasty sundburn you have there, Landon! :D:lol::wink: Steve pretty well covers it all. When I switched from recurve to a longbow years ago, two things gave me problems, so maybe worth mentioning. Most recurves are shorter than most longbows, and depending on the kind of hunting you do that could be an issue. Happily, we are seeing more and more shorter r/d longbows. I happen to shoot a 54″ Shrew but can’t recommend Shrew to you as the waiting list to have one built is now well beyond a year! Another problem I hit was going from the formed handgrip of a recurve to the straight grip of a longbow (my first was a plain stick, not a r/d hybrid like most today). I adapted nicely but some shooters don’t. But here again, today’s hybrid longbows often have a semi-formed handgrip. It’s worth a pilgrimage to your nearest good trad shop to shoot several. Great bargains available on used bows and that’s where I’d start until I got it figured out. Good luck with the sunburn! dave