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David Petersen
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Thanks, John. I reckon this proves that the Bean customer service person I spoke with hadn’t done her homework and you can get speed laces on these Anniversary replicas. Thus, you’ve just cost me some $140 as I’ll now have to order a pair, even though I have only a couple of years on my current pair. I’m wondering with the higher uppers made of unfinished leather, which I presume and appears in your photo to be softer, if the uppers might not sag down and wrinkle after some use. Let us know. I’m pleased you are pleased, so far. I try to recommend only things that have proven their worth to me over many years, and better yet if I’ve had dealings with the manufacturer–happy resolutions to customer service issues. But even then, feet and tastes differ so it’s always a bit risky. But in this case, many others here also wear and recommend the Maine Hunting Shoe, so we are on fairly safe ground.