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Some hard rock maples I use for hunting from Forrester Wood shafts.

This arrow has about an 8″ cap dip, cresting and about 1/4″ of reflective tape on the nock end.

Bow type and Make: Longbow, liberty contender Elite

Bow Length= 64″

Bow weight@ 28″= 51

Your draw length+ 28″

Arrow type: Forrester wood shafts, Hard Rock Maple, 75-80

Arrow length )=29 1/8″ from nock throat to BOP

Feathers number and length = 3 left Wing helical 5.5″ shield

Insert weight if applicable=n/a

Adaptor weight if applicable= N/a

Point weight=190

Footing weight if applicable=N/a

Total arrow weight=747grains

FOC (as measured by AMO standard..measured throat of knock to end of shaft……tip not included)= 11%