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As a newbie to carbon arrows and EFOC, I would like to express full support for Joe’s efforts here. I’ve spent the past week reading through all of the discussions in this Friends of FOC forum and taking notes on arrow setups used with similar draw weight bows to mine in order to come up with a best guess starting point for shaft spine. I fully understand that there are a ton of different variables at play and it’s ONLY a best guess but at least it gives me a reasonable starting point.

The skeptics of this thread reminded me of a quote that I read at an archery shop years ago. I’ll have to butcher it here because I don’t remember most of it but I can still get the point across. It began by describing all of the time and effort you can spend tuning your bow to perfection and ends by saying, “But ultimately it’s the jerk on the string that determines the outcome.” 😆