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[quote=David Petersen]Doc Noc — Simply put, no matter the bow I’m shooting, I see definite and significant improvements in penetration with heavier arrows and higher FOC. I always put total weight first, minimum 650, before working on FOC. I keep waiting for Dr. Ed to criticize this possible oversimplification???

David P. like you say total weight is probably the goal before FOC it is like the chicken and egg thing which comes first. Actually as you know well they have to be worked in tandem. The total arrow weight should approach or exceed 650 grains to breach bone…. FOC arrows do very little for bone penetration but excel in soft tissue

I know you have done extensive experimenting with both wood and carbon arrows. Help us out and post your arrow specs.

I think it is important that we get some wood arrow specs.Not every one wants to shoot carbon or aluminum. Just as not every one want to exceed 650 grain arrows or attain EFOC ..That is ok also We need data on all arrows for comparison.:D