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Stephen Graf
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I heard another story on this incident that was a bit less inflammatory. In that version of the story, the lion didn’t have a collar, but had a tag. Not sure either one would be visible through all that mane.

In the NPR story they had a quote from the Dentist in which he apologized for the mistake and wanted to make amends. That statement was left out of this story.

This story quotes the guide as saying he had all the correct permits to hunt the area. If this is true, then it was bad luck for the lion and nothing more.

The dentist also said he relied on his guide to have all the correct permits, etc. Which is understandable.

On the whole, I don’t understand why people feel the need to travel around the globe and kill predators, rhino’s, elephants, etc.

And I didn’t know how much $ a dentist could pull down. That’s some crazy cash that guy is spending. Must be some real bad teeth in his home town.

If he had the correct permit, this is a non-story. If he did kill that lion without the correct permit, it’s nothing more than a poaching story.

The one thing I did get from this story is that the timing of the season is bad. The season should be timed so that if a male lion is shot, the cubs in his pride would be grown enough to defend themselves when the pride is taken over by another male.

The moral of this story is that the whole world is covered up by stupid.