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The first chair I had; I bought, didn’t like, sent back and posted about why I didn’t like it. Scott Hoffman, the owner of Huntmore, contacted me with an offer: He would send me another chair if I agreed to use it all season and write about it. At the end of the season, I could either send it back or buy it. I chose to purchase the chair. That was 3 years ago.

With this new model, Scott contacted me and said he was sending me a chair to test out and wanted me to write about it too. Mr. Stout is correct; the chair is gratis for providing the review. For most of you, this pollutes anything else I have to say and I certainly understand. But for those few of you who actually know me, you know that I don’t pull any punches. If Scott wants an honest assessment of his product, that is what I’m gonna give him…and you.

That being said, here are some other thoughts I have about the new model after using it on a couple more hunts. I have been turkey hunting in a blind some more and I have found two things about this chair that are different than the Generation I model I have. One of them I like and the other I am not so crazy about.

First, the good thing: The smaller size chair allowed me to tuck myself back into the blind’s corner more without the chair scraping the sides of the blind. This is a big plus when hunting turkeys and it paid off on the last hunt. I shot this hen at 10 yards.

The thing I do not like: My old chair has a seat that attaches to the chassis with 3 tension straps. It can be a little cumbersome fastening the seat on in the dark but the nylon straps that go around the U-shackles are quiet and the straps can be individually adjusted to get the feel “just right”. The new chairs have a seat that fastens on with 2 metal hooks and a tension strap. These seats are easier to attach but I do not like the metal hook going around a metal U-shackle. The potential to make noise is there and the hooks will rattle a little bit when there is no tension on them (ie. carrying the assembled chair around). I think Scott should look into putting a rubber coating on the hooks to quiet them down.

I have hunted in the new model chair for a total of around 8 hours now and it still seems to be comfortable. I will be going to my farm tonight to hunt for a couple of days where I will be sitting for 4 or 5 hours at a stretch. That will test the comfort of the chair a little more.


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