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Jason Wesbrock
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I learned a long time ago that the best way to handle conversations like that is to excuse myself from them. Folks sometimes have all sorts of odd opinions they confuse for facts and, much like politics and religion, the likelihood of changing their minds is nil. For example, this past Sunday I was at my local archery club shooting an indoor 3D round—30 targets, 30-yard max, center 12s count. There were only two of us shooting recurves, me and another guy. He missed more animals than he hit and broke two or three arrows bouncing off the metal stands. I shot 14 12s, 14 10s and 2 8s for a total of 324, but bless his heart, he sure tried to tell me the “proper” way to aim a recurve instead of “all that looking at the tip of the arrow stuff” I do. I thanked him for his suggestions and wished him well.