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allright made it home after stopping by hobby lobby on the way from the air port to pick up some pinstriping tape and some shelf build out material if needed…

I took a full lenght Carbon wood vapor 4000 (have about 3 dozen of these just all bundled up in the corner) and glued in a 100 grain brass insert. Then glued a 125 grain steel bh adapter into a 160 grain field tip. Total bare shaft weight was 715 grains.

took it out to bareshaft test/tune. Showed some good tail right flight (traditionally would have said way heavy) however, I read a thread last night where Dr. Ashby stated that you cannot judge an EFOC arrow by tail in flight, only by relation to a center line. And I also rememberd that you are not supposed to cant the bow as you normally would when shooting, but shoot a verticle bow.

So by my best eye, these arrows are as center as I can put them (some were right some were let but when i did everythign right I hit the bulls eye dead center or close to it) with a slight nock right of point (but this doens’t matter right?:?: ). I have some slightly heaver 300 grain field tips I can shoot to see if this cleans up the nock right flight but is this neceserry?

havn’t calculated FOC yet but did locate and mark balance point, and calculated center of arrow (15.8125) from throad of nock to back of point. I will do my best to make some A&A feathers from my surplus of 3″ parabolics and throw a handy dandy turbulator on the front of the and see what happens when a broad head is introduced to the mix.

FEedback appreciated and Thanks again for the advice/help!