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Ed Ashby
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Duston, the number one requirement is arrow integrity. Lose the aluminum inserts and adaptors! Achieving perfect arrow flight is next most important. The degree of FOC comes in next but, should a heavy bone be hit the degree of FOC has no influence on the heavy bone threshold. Especially since you’re looking for hog arrows, where the aiming spot for the vitals (from broadside) is extremely close to the shoulder/leg bones I’d place more emphasis on keeping a minimum of 650 grains, to stay above the heavy bone threshold, then I’d go for the most FOC I could get.

Only if you find the finished arrow does not give a flat enough trajectory for YOUR personal hunting would I be concerned about the finished arrow weight. In bowhunting, there’s no such thing as overkill. When all else is equal, more arrow weight always means more arrow force, and that means more tissue penetration. Remember that, unlike when shooting a target, getting your hunting arrow to the target is only the first stage. How your arrow performs after impact is more important than how it performed before impact. It does no good to make a hit if your hunting arrow fails in its terminal performance.

The 16 grains per pound of draw weight Troy mentioned is based on the weight of the arrow where the rate of gain in arrow force derived from the bow begins to diminish; for the more efficient, modern longbows and recurves. In other words, that’s the “most efficient” arrow weight. Interestingly, when we look for the most efficient grains of arrow per pound of draw weight for self-wood bows it turns out to be at 10 GPI, and I think that’s where the old “10 grains per pound of draw weight” rule of thumb originally comes from; a ‘rule of thumb’ that I think is not valid for our newer, high performance bows.

Yes, I would recommend losing the wrap. That will increase your FOC, which is more important than any benefit derived from a wrap.

Here’s a link to a thread that should bring you up to speed on turbulators. http://www.tradbow.com/members/cfmbb/messages.cfm?threadid=C8EA4FBD-1422-1DE9-ED1A1C909376B7B6