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Steve Graf wrote: Well hmmmm… Pretty arrows to be sure. But I am wondering, particularly in light of my own recent bad experience with less than bright fletching, whether your friend would prefer arrows more easy to see in flight…

Not criticizing, just trying to help. Those look like good arrows for a field archery tourney where you don’t want your competition to be able to use your arrow for a target point.

Black nock, blue feathers, hard to see against a moose.

I tried to talk him into pink, but he wasn’t having that. He wanted blue, and I wanted to make arrows that he wanted.

That being said I think blue gets a bad wrap because it’s on the darker end of the spectrum. There isn’t much on terra firma that is truly blue in color. As hunting archers we all like yellow, orange, red, white, pink etc. For good reason too. After many years as a field biologist though, I found that blue flagging tape is often some of the easiest to spot, especially in autumn.

But I digress, your point (you said “not criticizing”) is well taken, but the arrows certainly are not camouflaged, brown, black or forest green. Also, his guide told him specifically NOT to use yellow because of all the yellow foliage that happens to coincide with the timing of the hunt.