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Steve Sr.
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J.Wesbrock wrote: TradTech Titan Riser with Winex Limbs pulling 56# @ 32″
Great Northern quick detach quiver
Full length Beman ICS Camo Hunter 340s
Four 4″ feathers
25-grain Flightmate adapters
125-grain Ace Standard heads
Total arrow weight: 500 grains
FOC: 13%
Speed: 200 fps +/- 1 fps
PSE / King finger tab

Dang……..that one is a screamer! and one LONG DRAW……wheew. Id be somewhere behind my head at 32 inches, lol.

I’ve fallen in love with heavy arrows but will openly admit that a 500 grain arrow properly placed (at about any speed, let alone at yours!) will kill any whitetail that ever walked the earth. (and many other things). Ive done it myself for decades as have literally thousands of others. Weigh some “old” cedars you come accross sometime. (back when no one weighed em!)

Super longer range set up there, J! Knowing your expertise in set ups……I’d expect passthroughs from your shots……any day.

Thanks for sharing within this thread. KEEP EM COMING GANG!

Love seeing (hint hint) setups that are working for others. Praise the Lord we are not all clones……this would be one BORING thread! Mine is coming. Fear not…..and wordy. (and will HAVE PHOTOS!:lol: )

God Bless
Steve Sr.