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John Carter
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I prefer 4″ feathers with a very slight off set helical,,because they look the part more than anything.

Now,in march last year I was offered a trip to hunt New Zealands small and pretty hard to access Whitetail herd,so after reading all the “string jumping” storys on the net,I did some experimenting with as many different fletching combinations as I could with the end result being I used 2″ Rayzar feathers as they proved the quitest in my not very scientific experiments,,plus they flew just great.
The end result was that the doe I shot “didn’t hear it coming.

Today,due to the fact my wife lost her job 6 months ago,and I’m now off work due to a back operation I’m currently recovering from,,,funds are at an all time low and I’m fletching my arrows with what ever I have laying about in my shed.
I now have arrows with 4″ Plastic vanes,4″ parabolics, 5″ parabolics,,as well as a few with the remaining 2″ Rayzars,,,,and they all fly just fine.