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Alexandre Bugnon
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Well, I’m back a day early! We didn’t see one whitetail in 3 days. We froze our butt off in the mountains! waking up in a small tent in 17 degrees weather before light and no fire was…. challenging :shock:! We later moved East in the Lower farm land WMA’s. a little warmer, but It seemed like the whole state of virginia was filled with guys riding around with dogs and muzzleloaders in the back of their pickup, chasing deer, bears, coons and rabbits. I heard hunting dogs barking 24 hours for 3 days, everywhere we went! I even saw a truck decal with a dog chasing a deer!!! Gorgeous rolling hills farm country though, with lots of History. Good times camping out with a good friend, eating the some back straps from my NY deer, so all was not all lost, but if I ever hunt in VA again, it would have to be in archery only/ no dogs allowed private land.

PS: when I bought a 3 day license + archery permit at Dick’s

I wasn’t asked to show my hunter’s ed and bowhunter’s ed card, just driving license. I was surprised.