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I was actually afraid to admit I subscribe to F&S. I am glad there are others in the TBM forums like me. 😀 Actually, unlike Playboy, I ONLY look at the pictures. Truthfully, I don’t even do that. I usually flip to the last page, which is the only reason I subscribed to F&S to begin with (we need to get Bill Heavey on board, he is a great writter and has a strong ethic towards all things outdoors). F&S is actually one of the things that got me started with traditional archery. When I used to read a small paragraph tucked amongst the ads in F&S talking about how “any deer is a trophy…”, meanwhile the cover is a 6X6 elk rack PhotoShopped on a whitetail body and every article has some guy with a strangle hold on some B&C or P&Y record, I just couldn’t believe how what they were saying and what they were preaching were two different things. The first issue of TBM I read (with Ishi on the cover) was incredible. First, I don’t think I saw a set of antlers in that whole issue, second, what was being preached was also being practiced through the type of advertisers the magazine had. I mean is a hunting magazine really the place for a full-page ED ad EVERY issue? No wonder these people need all those gadgets. Over-compensating! 😆 Anyway, jokes aside, I did catch the article in F&S as I was glancing through the pictures and thought is was a really refreshing change from some of the things that magazine usually has.

As far as Uncle Ted, I was walking past the magazine stand at the local market and saw his mug gracing the COVER of some hunting magazine. I was in a rush, otherwise I would have liked to read the article. Can never get enough idiocracy.