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Kingwouldbe wrote: http://youtu.be/GO1U_bnUyzk

This link is a penetration test we did, 😯

So sorry about all the movement, you get the unedited version as I don’t know how to do any editing, you might want to take a Dramamine pill first.

Check out my face at the end, I can’t believe how tough he is, now remember, I’m shooting a 60lb 58″ Centaur Chimera and a 640 arrow @ 6 yards and the 225 grain tuffhead, EFOC of 29% 😯

For me, regarding fletch size, the most important thing (after arrow flight of course ) is quite, when you do your hunting from the ground the animals are vary aware of whats going on around them and can react as fast as lightning.

My hunting buddy Vance and I have shot at each other from across canyon, we shoot past each other as we hide behind a large tree, ( in case one of us has a bow-gas-um, it will hit the tree ) you would not believe how laud a arrow flying in the quite out doors is, the arrow sounds like a flu-flu, I could get my fat butt out of the way before it hit me ( don’t try it though )most of the game animals are moving as we hit them in real life, it happens so fast our eye cant see it.

We think they moved after the shot, the truth is they hear the arrow coming, and start to move with the arrow just a few feet from them.

After going to this little A&A feather it is much quieter, and that’s what I want, “QUIT ARROW FLIGHT” creates less reaction in the game.

As I said in the story at the beginning, I caught him flat footed, he had 30 yards to hear the arrow coming, yet he sat there, with out a doubt, he did not hear it or it was vary quit as to not create a response in him to move.