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Doc, that’s it….. you are now the mad scientist……..lol, I’m just a wouldbe hunter who gets to reap the benefits of guys like you and Adcock.

Is everything a test for you?….. I think you hunt with a slide ruler and a calculator in your back quiver, I don’t think that’s traditional…lol

I’m just teasing you…..like usual I don’t believe anything I hear and half of what I see….I have to prove it.

The first time I saw what an animal can do at the shot was the move Bowhunting October whitetails with the Wensals, they show a deer drop a full body’s width in 2/10th of a second, I could not believe what I saw.

We usually think they jumped the string, I think they usually jump the arrow.

Several years ago I shot at a buck coming from my left to my right on the ground @ 12 yards, I was shooting a 60lb Brackenberry with a 2117 arrow, zewicky broadhead and 3×5″ feathers, the buck had know idea I was there, he was able to do a compleat 180 turn and the arrow cought him in the oposit shoulder that I shot him in, as he ran away with the feathers sticking out of the opsit shoulder I was dumfounded as to what had just happend.

Really, it happened so fast I could not tell you what had just happend, when I found the buck the arrow was sticking out of the shoulder on his left side, if I had a high speed camera on him you would of saw him spin in his tracks and the arrow hit him on his opposit shoulder.

To me hogs are the fastest thing in the wild for the first 2 feet, it seem they don’t have to bend there knees to move, they just thrust them selves forward, or spin in there tracks, a quit arrow is a must.

P.S Doc. I have to make a cheet sheet for the things I need to do after the kill. I forget most of what I wanted to do until I get home.