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William Warren
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I also believe in layers. Although I’m from below the Mason Dixon Line after late November a good wool shirt and trousers over polypropylene underwear usually works for me with a heavy zip hoodie over that or a wool coat and watch cap if it is going to be freezing all day. On days that start off cold and warm up I wear wool whipchord trousers and Cabelas Worsterlon shirts (those shirts are 10 years old and still look like new) with a lighter pair of polypropylene undies and a lighter weight cap. For footwear, early season, plain 8″ Bean Hunting boots or Proline knee high rubber boots with polypropylene Thorlo socks. For cold weather I go to my Rocky pac boots thinsulate lined with a good wool sock. For all day trips take extra socks and change them. Wool Army glove liners are my favorite all around glove and in really cold weather wool shooters mits. This works well in NC where I am from but on a trip to Il a few years ago I found out the daytime high could be 5 degrees in Nov with snow flurries. I like to have froze to death as they say around here and I had on all my woolies!