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I am shocked-shocked and dismayed that my carefully crafted posts and that of certain others are now in the dustbin of cyber purgatory. Are they gone forever or do they await the resurrection by some cyber-archaeologist of the future intent on discovering the mind-set of early 21st century primitives?
Has Political Correctness sunk low enough to invade even a Traditional Bowhunter site whereupon certain ‘topics’ are forbidden to be mentioned much less debated in a cogent, rational manner by its members? Do the unseen but omnipotent ‘Administrators’ have that right and power?
The answer is-Yes, thank God!
I regret- since there’s no ‘My Apologies’ page anymore- to have been a player in the demise of the forum but unfortunately, like most human endeavors, corruption sets in, either slowly, or in this case, increasingly rapidly and we end up in a ‘High Noon’ situation(without Grace Kelly) with drawn bows at fifty yards, curses on our lips at our unworthy opponents who are just too stupid to agree with me or you.
So the adults, who run this most excellent site, decided wisely to pull the plug before it descended into another ‘HuffingtonPost’ screaming invectives and expletives at each other-I mean, we have enough controversies with longbow vs recurve; wood, aluminum or carbon arrows; three or four fletch and size; glove vs tabs; to EFOC or not EFOC; where’s the best place to stick a hog and various other topics germane to our interests without invoking and involving those two, guaranteed to ruffle feathers subjects- Politics and Religion.
Besides, this is a private business site and we are but invited guests allowed to sit at the feast and partake of the banquet, if we mind our manners.
This is what occurs when opinionated old geezers(Patrick and those under sixty excepted) have too much time on their hands during a long, cold and dreary winter, everything’s going to hell-in-a-handbasket(including ourselves!) and our beloved country is(in our opinion) under assault once again by the powers of stupidity(see, there I go again!).
We but await the warming Springtime sun, with the promise of wintermelt and signs of life in the urgency of crocus, daffodil and wake robin; to cast off these winter doldrums and stretch our atrophied archery muscles to the weight of our draw and once again loose the singing shafts, brightly fletched and steel tipped at our uncovered targets.
But it’s only February, so go grab some hot chili and the libation of your choice(in moderation of course!) and quit bitching!
The Good Lord Bless and Keep all of you-Bert