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Most respectfully to those whom it may concern-Query-Since we no longer have a ‘Topics Outside of Trad Bow’ forum where(re Duncan’s post) are we going to place such diverse subjects such as Dan’s(StandingBear) knife making tips, Patrick’s ‘Avatar’ movie review, the members book selections(which I found very informative), Dave’s recipe for elk heart and morels with the reduced Merlot sauce(MMMM!), and others?
Just as a suggestion, mind you, perhaps the forum could be relabeled ‘Topics Outside Trad Bow- No Politics-No Religion- No venting of Spleen- No Exceptions’. I, for one, would solemnly pledge to never mention or discuss those verboten subjects on this forum ever again. Violators would be punished by having to sharpen and return at their own expense, the broadheads of those in the thread.
Just an idea to raise up the ole’ flagpole and see if anybody salutes it!
I remain,
Sincerely yours.