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My Dad and I had a great time. My one regret is that it was my little brother’s birthday and he goes to WMU. We only could stay until 3:00. Honestly I would have made some financial blunders if I would have stayed their longer.

Robin, it was so packed I didn’t even have a chance to say hello. I kept feeling like I was getting in the way at every booth. I already have a subscription and one of the new TBM hats so I was pretty much set! Awesome stuff!

Bummed I didn’t get to meet you Pat. I should have figured out a place to meet up with you. I didn’t think it was going to be that big!!!

I ended up coming home with a nice GFA wool pullover, one of those new Eclipse Posi Grips for my longbow, and 100 RW shield cut feathers. There was sooooo much stuff.

It was a trip to see the bows you hear so much about in person.

I have another Bama Longbow coming and was not in the market for a bow but it was fun none-the-less.