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Alexandre Bugnon
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There are a number of reasons why I switched to carbons. They are more functional to me personally. I lose more than I break. I love stump shooting, but the very rocky terrain up here is unforgiving to arrows, to woodies especially. I have been using the same set of 18 carbon arrows for 6 years on 4 different bows. I just change the point weight for each bow and add weight tubes when I go Elk hunting. Lastly, although I love the process, I don’t have the time or the place to seal, dip and crest wood arrows anymore. I do love making arrows, and always made my own since I started in Traditional archery almost 15 years ago. Maybe I will be making wood arrows again one day. I know one thing for sure, It would be great if I could find the same type of tapered compressed cedar shafts I used to buy from a guy in Montrose, CO. I loved those, and they flew as straight and precise as my carbons, at short and long range.