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David Becker
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Thank you all for the kind words and congratulations.

I am indeed very lucky to make this happen my first year. I returned to hunting several years ago after not hunting for a long time. I got totally skunked my first few years out here.

The Pacific Northwest is very different from Eastern Kentucky, and Blacktails and Elk are very different from Whitetails. Moving to a weapon that’s considered less capable seemed like madness in someways, but I felt like it would work out.

When it came to the archery part, I felt like all the pieces were out there laying around, and I just had to snap them together. People hunted with bows for thousands of years, then, in Western Culture at least, we forgot how. People like Fred Bear had to reinvent that.

People coming into Trad bowhunting today have it much easier. Between books and the Internet, my learning curve was steep but short. The first bow I bought was of good quality. I was able to put together arrows that worked really well off the gate with Stu Miller’s calculator, and Dr. Ashby’s research led me to a big single bevel broad head that worked extremely well.

I read a book by Asbell, and watching Youtube videos by Jeff Kavanaugh and Clay Hayes really helped me with the mechanics of shooting. I shot everyday, and if I keep it up between now and March, I’ve got a pretty good chance of getting Rhineheart to honor their warranty on an 18-1.

Many of the thoughtful posts on this forum, and a couple of David Petersen’s books really touched my heart on what it means to hunt with a trad bow and really inspired me.

So this new generation of trad bowhunters have the benefit of some community elders, and that is wonderful.

Right now I’m in my Mid-40’s, and doing stuff that most people do at a much younger age, getting (re)-married, buying a first house, having a baby etc. But I’m also at that phase where I’m reflecting back and thinking about what my future contributions will be.

We are making a serious effort to live as closely to our land as we can. As my neighbor and I were hauling my deer down the hill on stick Monday night, I thought “I’d like to get really good at this, then teach other people how to do it.”

So I’m sitting with that idea in the back of my head.

Good luck to everybody out there. Stay safe and enjoy the woods.