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Jembo –

young ones are pretty good if you marinate them first and slow cook or smoke–But they will never be as good as feral hog. Check out Javelinahunter.com for all kinds of info {bunch of recipes] on the little musk pigs. Speaking of which – the real reason people have problems eating them is the scent! Be sure to Clean your Jave right away – the musk gland will come off pretty easy when you skin it [Mostly attached to the skin at top of rump]. The trick is to make sure the skin{hair side} and the musk gland DO NOT Touch the meat during /after removal. I use gloves [surgical] while skinning and a different blade. then handle the meat barehanded [or another set of gloves if cold]and a different or thoroughly cleaned original knife-

If you don’t mind saying what unit you are Hunting I might be able to give some insight. I have hunted the desert of SW NM and SE AZ a lot.